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The Chocolate War ยท Renault Gets Bullied

Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog Apr 30, Adam Wilson rated it it was amazing. The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier is in my top five favorite novels of all time and is definitely the best book I have read this year so far. The book shows us the cruelty of people and the amazing power of intimidation both by students and by teachers.

The story concerns a Catholic school for boys which embarks on a massive chocolate sale mainly controlled by Brother Leon, who uses what he calls school spirit to try and get the students to sell all 20, boxes. Jerry, our young protagonist, The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier is in my top five favorite novels of all time and is definitely the best book I have read this year so far.

Jerry, our young protagonist, is ordered by the Vigils a gang of students who make cruel assignments for the other students to carry out to refuse to sell. The book is stunningly original and brilliant. It is perfect in every way and I wish I was more talented at writing reviews so I could do it justice. I recommend it to anyone no matter what genre you prefer. The master.

The greatest. What can I say about Robert Cormier that so many before have not already declared? Yet it still seems to fall short of the mark. There is an internal tenseness that one gets when even thinking about reading a Robert Cormier book, that is unlike the effect of any other writer. You can't count on everything turning out all right in the end, the protagonist being led through extended difficulties to a place of greater knowledge and peace with themselves. You really never k The master.

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You really never know what is going to happen in a Robert Cormier story until you've read the final word, that bone-chilling moment when it all clicks into place and The Master releases you from his grasp. The Chocolate War is one of those books that are frequently pointed to as an example of how easy it is for publishers to miss out on a rare literary jewel; reportedly, it was turned down by a long line of publishers before someone astute decided that it was a good investment to bet on this gripping, edgy story and its author Robert Cormier.

Since then, it has sold staggering numbers of copies and is considered a classic of young adult lit. The theme of The Chocolate War isn't really obvious. Robert Cormier never compromises gritty realism for the sake of tying up a neat lesson with a fancy ribbon, but instead lets us peer into the murky darkness of human nature for ourselves and learn whatever we might be ready to learn from the story. Still, I would say that more than anything else, The Chocolate War is a discomforting and electrifying warning: "disturb ing the universe" might seem like an attractive concept to us at times, but doing so comes with a forbidding price tag, a price tag that increases with just how extensively we want to make our mark.

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  • In the words of one character in the book, "They tell you to do your thing but they don't mean it. But Robert Cormier knows As I progressed through The Chocolate War , the feeling within me never let up that every page I turned was taking me closer to impending cataclysm, and not in the same cathartic way as most books. In Robert Cormier novels, the sense of doom feels sickeningly real, nearly as upsetting to await and behold as if I were actually there in the story.

    Sweet Chapter Summaries of The Chocolate War: Chapters 1-17

    It's spellbinding and haunting and beautiful and horrible, and it's almost impossible to describe to anyone who hasn't read the books for themselves. The Chocolate War is one of Robert Cormier's most resounding works, in my opinion, a potential mind-changer and life-changer that I'm sure will never lose its raw power through the passage of time.

    I would give it at least three and a half stars. Mar 11, Ms. Liebman rated it it was amazing. LeVasseur had a pile of them and she highly recommended it. SO now I'm well more than half way and fascinated. I keep thinking that it's some big analogy for government and democracies or maybe the school is Russia and it's about communism. I'll have to check when it was written.

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    And now that I'm finished with it It reminds me of Watchmen in a way because at some points, the reader does not know who the good guys and bad guys are. It makes you ask yourself, "Does standing idly by make an antagonist or not? There are several entities that seem to control the masses and the masses do indeed follow ever whim of the leaders.

    Very scary.

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    • Big Brother is alive and well. I can't wait to hear what the 8th grade thinks. View all 4 comments. Lean and mean, great allegorical writing; for me, what happens at Trinity is Nazi Europe in a nutshell -- it's easy to see the Vigils all growed up and goose-kicking their way through murder and mayhem. Evil exists in even the most innocuous, seemingly innocent places A little power can fuel a lot of misdeeds and looking the other way is how evil wins. While I feel this book has a lot to offer, especially for its intended audience, and Lean and mean, great allegorical writing; for me, what happens at Trinity is Nazi Europe in a nutshell -- it's easy to see the Vigils all growed up and goose-kicking their way through murder and mayhem.

      While I feel this book has a lot to offer, especially for its intended audience, and remains relevant even for today's teens, it falls short of Lord of the Flies , one of the most important books ever written, one of the best stories ever told. Evil prevails when good men do nothing Feb 10, Nova rated it it was ok Shelves: library-materials.

      The main character is Jerry Renault, a freshman who is dealing with the recent death of his mother. Archie, the ring leader of The Vigils, decides that Jerry must refuse to sell chocolates for the big school fundraiser, in order to stay out of trouble with the dangerous secret society. When Jerry refuses to sell the chocolates Brother Leon, a cruel and frightening teacher at the school, makes things very uncomfortable for Jerry.

      Jerry is dealing with the depression at home, and with the realization that most of the teachers and the students at his school are bad people. When The Vigils tell Jerry that his assignment is over and that he can now sell the chocolates, Jerry performs an act of rebellion in the school and still refuses to sell the chocolates.

      It is at this point that things really begin to fall a part for Jerry, and he is subjected to fierce bullying by classmates and teachers because of his rebellion. The most difficult thing about this novel is that it ends on such a desperate note. Jerry has been broken by The Vigil, and the members get by with no punishment. Robert Cormier writes a follow up to this story called Beyond the Chocolate War, but I have not read it.

      I am interested to see if justice is served in the sequel. I think this is the kind of story that speaks to high school students during a trying time in their life. Unfortunately, many students would find the fact that the bullies go unpunished quite realistic. This story could be used in a high school English class for a novel study, and would also be a great book to recommend to individual readers.

      Even though I think girls could be interested in the characters, this book seems like it is really meant for male readers. Boys and men dominate this story; women serve only as sexual objects of desire, not real people.

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      This book was published in and from the beginning it has faced opposition. The Chocolate War has been challenged because of sexual content, inappropriate language, and violence. I though the language and violence was fairly mild, but throughout the story masturbation is alluded to several times. I think this novel is appropriate for high school aged students. The Chocolate War was written such a long time ago that I had a difficult time finding comprehensive book reviews, but I did find some quotes from book reviews on the Random House Web site. I don't recommend The Chocolate War.

      The Chocolate War

      It is my first time to encounter a story without a likely hero. Man, this really sucked for me! Like what i said, agree to disagree. How I don't recommend The Chocolate War. How i believe in karma! A book doesn't always have to have a happy ending, but my gosh, The Chocolate War did not give me even a little morsel to cheer on after i read it! Bad chocolate taste. YA books should empower its teen readers, and not suffocate them with an ugly truth without telling them that they CAN survive the harshness of life.

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