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Book Reg. Product Description Bonus Editorial Product Details Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics is a landmark book in its field, hailed for its astonishingly clear, delightfully readable statement of everything of acoustical importance to music-making. The Science of Sound Arthur H.


Benade developed his interest in the acoustics of musical instruments growing up in Lahore British India, now Pakistan where his father was an educator. The turning point came when the Physical Science Study Committee commissioned him to write the influential concise text, Horns, Strings and Harmony, which Anchor Books launched as a mass market—sized paperback in and which Dover reprinted in Known to have inspired generations of teachers, this clear and thoughtful study has sold more than , copies in all editions and has been translated into several languages.

In the decade following the appearance of Horns, Strings and Harmony, Benade completed his more extensive text, Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics, first published by Oxford University Press in and reprinted by Dover in In addition to his two books, Benade wrote more than technical papers, contributed to many symposia, and lectured on acoustics all over the world. His range was far-reaching. Music, Physics and Engineering.

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  • Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics: Second, Revised Edition.
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Horns, Strings, and Harmony. On the Sensations of Tone.

[Flutopedia format] Acoustics and Psycho-Acoustics References for the Native American Flute

Prices and offers may vary in store. Landmark book by leading expert, hailed for its astonishingly clear, delightfully readable explication of everything acoustical important to music-making. Over illustrations. Examples, experiments, and questions conclude each chapter.

Physics of Musical Instruments

Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. The book deals extensively with the fundamental modes of sound production and with the special sound-producing properties of the musical instruments in common use today — keyboard, string, brass, woodwind, and percussion — as well as the human voice. It further explores the critical roles played by the room and by the hearer's auditory apparatus.

Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics: Second, Revised Edition

The basis of scales and harmony and the craft of instrument makers are also discussed in this masterly text, which includes numerous illustrations, bibliographical information, and a stimulating section of "Examples, Experiments, and Questions" at the end of each chapter. After the original publication of this book, Dr. Benade maintained a detailed set of corrections and revisions that have been incorporated into this second, revised edition. Arthur Benade, a professor at Case Western Reserve, has set forth a vast knowledge of musical acoustics so clearly that you can read his book as you would a novel.